Coffee or Matcha Tea? Which do you prefer

Coffee has been a morning starter for most, till the benefits of Matcha Tea came to light and rightly so. Matcha may be the underdog but weigh the nutritional benefits and even ardent coffee drinkers are now turning to Matcha Tea to stay healthier.

Coffee is easier to find and provides an hour or two of energy after which it gives you a "crash" leaving you more tired which means you require another cup of it to perk you up. It does boost energy but for short periods of time.

Matcha on the other hand provides constant energy "throughout the day" due to L-Theanine an amino acid that creates a state of calm alertness. In fact Matcha contains all amino acids required by a human body. It has highest antioxidants at 1573 ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) which gives it its anti-ageing and cancer fighting properties. Matcha provides Chlorophyll, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. With Matcha you are literally ingesting the tea leaf thereby boosting your metabolism in the most natural and nutrition-packed way.

Lastly you do not require fancy equipment to prepare Matcha which is an added plus.

Due to these reasons we are seeing a spurt in converts, original coffee drinkers transitioning to Matcha Tea for the right reasons. What do you say?!

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I love matcha tea cold
What I do is put a 1/2 teaspoon with warm water and whip than I put 1 cup of almond milk ,a dash of vanilla, cane sugar or maple syrup to taste with a little ice in a blender and blend than I pour it over ice . It just makes my day . Also if your almond milk is favoured you do not need vanilla

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